Debi Scholar created The Cancer Care Carton© because of the numerous family and friends who, affected by this terrible disease, are not informed about alternative treatments. The Cancer Care Carton© includes information about cancer reduction and elimination through the use of alternative options in addition to, or replace, the standard of care treatment. It also contains the books "Knockout," "Crazy Sexy Cancer," and "How I Conquered Cancer Naturally," as well as many articles about cancer reduction and elimination through the use of diet and supplements.

When the body is overcome with cancer and drugs, it is important to thrust the immune system into overdrive and cleanse the organs. Debi also includes many supplements that support the immune system, such as PolyMVA, Vitamin K, and wheatgrass (plus many more). To help heal the mind, the Carton includes music, aromatherapy, and meditative activities.

The Cancer Care Carton© educates the person and family on cancer treatment options and even includes testimonials from those who had Stage IV cancer and are now cancer-free.

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