The National Commission for Certification of CME Professionals, known as NC-CME, announced in October that every member of the Certified CME Professional class of September 2008 had registered for a two-year Extension of Certification. The CCMEP Class of June 2008 did similarly well, retaining 89 percent of its members. NC-CME administers the certification program.

According to Dennis Wentz, MD, CCMEP, President of the NC-CME Board of Directors, this means the certification program is here to stay. “The first two classes to become certified have given us a very strong message … that the CCMEP credential is retaining its value,” says Wentz.

CCMEPs are certified for a three-year period; CCMEPs who fulfill Extension of Certification eligibility requirements can apply for an EOC, which extends certification for an additional two years. All CCMEPs are notified two to three months before their certification expires. They then can apply for an extension. EOC worksheets are evaluated according to eligibility criteria, which emphasize the continuous professional development of those who who develop, administer, certify, and fund continuing education activities for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals.

EOC applicants need to document 12 points of education or experience earned since their most recent certification. The $275 EOC fee can be paid online, and EOC names will be posted in the National Registry of Certified CME Professionals.

“CCMEPs who allow their certification to expire will no longer be listed in the National Registry,” notes Dr. Wentz. “In order to be reinstated, they will have to sit for and pass the currently available three-hour exam, and will need to document 15 points of education and experience in the CME field within the past three years.”

For more on the subject, visit the NC-CME Web site. Those who wish to take the CCMEP in December can register online.

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