With hurricanes, power outages, and other unforeseen events lying in wait, meeting planners are wise to take a cue from the Boy Scouts and be prepared — for anything.

Here's a checklist, compiled by Paul Kirvan, editor-in-chief, Contingency Planning & Management magazine, of six things that a planner can do to avoid the worst.

  1. Have access to reliable communications — both wired and wireless.

  2. Identify backup suppliers for your event, in case the primary supplier cannot deliver as promised.

  3. If your meeting includes speakers, arrange for backup presenters in case one or more speakers cancel at the last minute.

  4. Review transportation options to and from the meeting. Have alternate arrangements available.

  5. Have access to alternate suppliers of personal computers, laptops, projectors, and other AV equipment.

  6. Know how to contact emergency medical services if someone is injured.