Korea has become a major international business destination, with seven convention centers in operation and another two under construction. Visiting groups with a little time for tourism should check out the following points of interest:

  • KOREAN WAR BATTLEFIELDS — It has been more 50 years since the outbreak of the Korean War and the drawing of the 155-mile cease-fire line from the East Sea to the Yellow Sea, which created the Demilitarized Zone. Symbolizing both war and peace, and division and unification, the DMZ is a place where time has stopped, and is now a haven for rare animals, birds, and plants. www.korea-dmz.com

  • TEMPLESTAY — Two orders of Buddhist monks and nuns — the Jogye and Cheontae orders — allow visitors to experience life in a monastery by lodging in one for a night. Guests can take part in the early morning ceremony; Zen meditation; tea ceremony; community work; and Barugongyang, a Buddhist monastic meal with four bowls. Reservations are required. http://eng.templestay.com

  • TAEKWONDO — This traditional Korean martial art uses both the hands and feet. Its ultimate goal is to develop the character of the practitioner. Visitors can take part in introductory programs of three to five hours, as well as full-day programs. www.wtf.org; www.tour2korea.com (click on culture, then sports)