What is the greatest change you've faced in your job during the past year?

Julie Steible has experienced first-hand the most dreaded form of corporate change: a massive downsizing. An entire 800-person marketing staff, of which Steible's eight-person event planning group was a part, was downsized recently when her company, AT T Global Solutions, was spun off from parent AT&T to become NCR. Steible, events manager for the Dayton, OHbased NCR, was the sole person in her group to remain in her position.

"The stress is not knowing how everything will fall into place: Will it be an environment in which you want to work? What role will you play?" says Steible. "The toughest thing to do is to not take it personally. For the most part these corporate changes are not personal. You have to remind yourself of that."

Steible has dealt with the change through attitude and action. "You must take a go-with-the-flow attitude," she says. "You have to say, 'Hey, I'm good at what I do,' and you also have to make yourself stronger by learning new things--trying new things with the meetings you plan and developing yourself in ways that enhance your job."