The best golfers respect their fellow playersand the rules of the game.

Play safely.

  • Stay behind those in your group who are hitting.
  • Be sure the group is safely out of range before hitting.
  • Don't take practice swings in the direction of others.

Maintain a good pace of play.

  • Be ready when it is your turn. Take one practice swing, then hit the ball. Move off the green when play is over.

  • When looking for a lost ball, let others play through.

  • Keep an eye on every shot played by your group.

  • Pick up and start again on the next hole if you're a new player taking too long.

Repair what you have disturbed.

  • Replace divots, repair ball marks on the greens, rake bunkers. Don't make spike marks on the green.

  • Don't litter. Keep all carts away from the green.

Be respectful of others.

  • Leave your cellphone in the car. Be quiet on the tees, in the fairways, and on the greens.

  • Be invisible (including your shadow) when someone is hitting.

  • Step around the path of other players' putts.

  • Let faster groups play through. If there is no room to move ahead, don't request to play through.

Know your game.

  • Understand the rules, and play with reasonable expectations. Take lessons.
  • Learn how far you can hit each club.
  • Control your game — and your temper.

Respect the game.

  • Learn about the game.
  • You are a part of tradition. Play like it.

Jim Corbett, aka Mr. Golf Etiquette, is based in Seattle. Check out his Web site at