To the Editor,

I read with interest your article on IKEA Seattle's Bonus Day program (September CMI) — but I question how relevant it is to today's business climate. Our company has just gone through a second round of layoffs, and I see no end in sight. While success stories are great — and IKEA definitely is one — I could use more articles on how to motivate people who are worried about their jobs, or how to reward them when you have absolutely no funds to do so.

Now that would be a bonus for your readers.
Tim Anderson
PBB Inc.
Waltham, Mass.


As an independent meeting planner for the past three years (I found myself in that position when my previous company decided to outsource every function that was not part of its “core business”), I learned a lot in your last issue about the differences in certification programs (“Alphabet Soup or Seal of Approval,” September CMI).

However, I — and my other friends who are independents — spend 95 percent of my time running day-to-day operations. There's little time for the average independent to do all that is required for these certifications when we're busy balancing our cash flow and making sure that we have another piece of business lined up after the job we're working on. We must first lighten that load before we can spend time furthering our careers.
Joan Teriel
Planning Partners Inc.
Boca Raton, Fla.


I'm a former corporate planner who started my own business five years ago. I never attended a fam trip then, and I haven't attended one since.

Being hosted goes against common sense, period. You won't get a fair picture of the place, you have accepted something for nothing, and there's a sense of obligation that goes along with that.

It's all too complicated for my blood.
Linda Puccini
The Meeting Source
Carmel, Calif.