Synchronize your next golf event by using the following timeline:

As Soon As Possible * Determine the number of golfers and reserve the golf course.

* Schedule a meeting with the director of golf, head professional, and club or resort manager.

90120 Days Out * Determine the day's schedule and discuss the format.

* Decide on celebrities or pro golfers.

* Meet with the club manager and the person responsible for your golf day at the hosting club.

* Ask about club requirements, including dress code, soft spikes, and unique features of the climate.

* Estimate the number of participants.

* Send or extend invitations and schedule photographers.

6089 Days Out * Order prizes with logos. If you're using a new vendor, do this earlier.

* Order awards.

* Start determining playing levels and continue discussing formats.

* Finalize the schedule of events and determine food and beverage needs.

* Finalize the celebrity or touring professional's needs, including travel.

30-59 Days Out * Determine the format.

* Make the initial pairings.

* Check the status of awards and prizes that have been ordered.

* Call the nonrespondents and add others from a secondary list.

* Make the rules sheet.

* Make a fact sheet for guests that includes directions, phone numbers, dress code, rental equipment available, where to meet at the club, whether there will be practice time beforehand, and other relevant information.

0-29 Days Out * Finalize pairings and make one group list and one alphabetical list.

* Talk for the last time with the club. Make sure its personnel will be on hand to help you.

* Make out score cards, locker labels, and rules sheets.

* Determine a rain plan.

* Inventory the prizes and gifts. Day of the Event

* Check the beverage supply, the post-play activities, and meals.

* Make sure the sound system works.

* Remind someone to pick up the proximity markers after play.

* Check the awards table layout.

* Check the pace of play periodically.

* Anticipate delays and let the food and beverage personnel know of them.

* Check on departure transportation for guests with close connections.

* Make sure the scoring summary boards reflect any last-minute changes in the pairings and that there's a way to display the scoring summary boards.

This is adapted from Bill Colvin's book, The Business Golfer's Pocket Handbook,which will be published this month. For more information, contact him at