Imagine, if you will, three company executives in flight suits, attached to harnesses and wires, swinging wildly around the stage, nearly crashing into each other, while two men juggle balls all around them. It's a routine called Jugglenauts — performed by comedic jugglers Jon Wee and Owen Morse, also known as The Passing Zone — and it has been wowing corporate audiences for years.

This year, the juggling duo brought its act to a national audience, performing on the NBC variety show “America's Got Talent,” where they juggled everything from chain saws to torches (while one stood on the other's shoulders and the other stood on a board with a ball under it) on their way to the finals.

The duo was hired to perform for about 900 independent broker-dealers at Waltham, Mass. — based Commonwealth Financial Network's national conference in October. They were a hit, says Tricia Dell'Orfano, manager of conferences and events. “People had a blast,” she says, watching the CEO and president fly around the stage. And there was a message to the juggling madness. “We explained to them what we wanted, and they weaved in content about how to juggle all the different elements of running a business.”