There's nothing like a magician to inspire an audience. And for a corporate audience, there's nothing like a “corporate magician.”

Giovanni (, has been serving up his eclectic mix of tricks for about 17 years, counting many Fortune 500 companies among his clients. He works closely with companies before each event to customize his “anything is possible” theme speech.

The high-energy Giovanni says his brand of presentation is just the ticket for today's attention-challenged audiences. “You have to shake spectators up,” he says. “It takes more to wow a crowd now than it ever has before. You can't just come at them with facts; you have to be engaging, entertaining, and unusual.”

For example, his four-person chair suspension stunt calls on four audience members representing key company divisions to sit in a square of chairs. Giovanni gently pushes the chairs back so that they're leaning on each other's knees, then removes the chairs; somehow, the four participants stay in place. “I use this as an icon for teamwork,” Giovanni explains. “It really burns in the minds of the audience.”

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