Imagine that you want to lose weight or quit smoking, but haven't been motivated enough to try. Now imagine that your company offers you cash incentives for meeting your weight loss goals or for kicking the habit.

At Emmaus, Penn.-based Rodale Press, healthy, active living is not only the driving message behind its magazines and books--it's a way of life.

"We spend a lot of energy to ensure a positive work environment," says Director of Corporate Communications Patrick Taylor. "We really encourage employees to take advantage of all of the opportunities we offer here." Those include an on-site "energy center" with classes such as yoga and ballroom dancing; private rooms for breast-feeding mothers; and company-subsidized training--both on-site and off.

"Employees feel fulfilled when they are meeting all of their personal needs," says Taylor. "And this creates healthy minds, bodies, and spirits."

Meetings reflect Rodale's mission. Director of Corporate Affairs Laura Donaghy searches for venues in natural settings and works with chefs to plan low-fat menus. "It's how we eat at Rodale," she says. "The facility also has to have space to exercise. We like locations that mirror our corporate culture--where, for example, attendees can take walks with on-property naturalists."

Company-sponsored events also instill the Rodale spirit. For example, a series of "fun run-walks" throughout the year, including an annual 5k run with the president, promote healthy, active living. Says Taylor: "We want our employees to understand the connection between what we talk about to our customers and how we behave."