Want to make sure your people never forget about a new product? Just take some questions about it and plug them into a game show format.

Knowledge Quest customizes game show-style competitions, using sets equipped with electronic "lockout buzzers," like those on Jeopardy. Participants answer questions about a new product line, for example, or a marketing strategy.

Founder Scott Bloom, a former VH-1 talk show host, has created these "knowledge competitions" for Fortune 500 companies such as GTE and US Healthcare. "This is a great way for managers to get feedback on their meetings," says Bloom. "They see how quickly and with what level of accuracy the sales force answers the questions and can tell immediately whether or not their meeting was successful."

Bloom can customize up to 50 questions according to information provided by the company. A starting price of $5,000 buys one 45-minute session.