As the Incentive Federation Study (see previous page) shows, the majority of companies have yet to try incentive programs. The Society of Incentive & Travel Executives (SITE) hopes to change that with a new self-study course aimed at increasing awareness of incentive marketing programs.

"Many executives don't understand these programs," says Bob Vitagliano, SITE's executive vice president and CEO. "They still take the view that the VP of sales, for instance, likes to play golf, so we're having this incentive trip. The fact is these programs are legitimate marketing tools."

Called "Dramatically Increasing Your Sales Via Incentive Marketing," the self-study course is based on one of SITE's most popular seminars, says Vitagliano. "The person with corporate responsibility for incentives is usually someone with many other responsibilities," he explains. "It's tough to get their attention. We're hoping this course is the way to do that."

Conducted by White Plains, NYbased MGI Management Institute, the course teaches corporate executives how to test incentive programs with minimal expenditure and how to generate participant enthusiasm.

The course includes the support of a personal instructor to review incentive exercises and provide feedback via a toll-free phone line. Participants should be able to complete it in 25 spare-time hours. SITE is introducing the course at a special introductory rate of $182. For more information, call (914) 428-6500.

NEED TO FIND A KOSHER KITCHEN? Here's just a sampling of the hotels and resorts that cater kosher functions:

* Crowne Plaza Miami/Biscayne Bay Hotel Miami--Separate kosher kitchen kept locked when not in use. Rabbis certify the kitchen each time it is used. Can accommodate 3,000 for a reception, 1,000 for a banquet. Call Susan Kleinberg at (305) 374-0000.

* Fontainebleau Hilton Resort & Towers, Miami Beach--Separate kosher kitchen is kept locked when not in use. Can accommodate 3,600 for a reception, 2,800 for a banquet. (305) 535-3255

* PGA National Resort & Spa, Palm Beach Gardens, FL--A 150-person minimum is required. Can accommodate 900 for a banquet, 1,200 for a reception. (561) 627-2000

* Presidente Inter-Continental, Mexico City--The hotel can bring in a kosher caterer for a 650-person banquet or a 700-person reception. (800) 327-0200

* Presidente Inter-Continental Guadalajara, Mexico--A local rabbi supervises kosher functions, which can accommodate 800 for a banquet, 1,200 for a reception. (800) 327-0200

* The Registry Resort & Spa, Fort Lauderdale, FL--The hotel holds kosher functions for a minimum of 100 persons and up to 1,500. (954) 389-3300

* Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles--Separate kosher kitchen. Can accommodate 250 for a banquet, 450 for a reception. (310) 273-2222

* Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA--Dedicated kosher kitchen. Food is prepared by rabbinical personnel. Can handle 650 for a banquet, 1,500 for a reception. (310) 276-2251

* Four Seasons Chicago--Can accommodate 730-person kosher banquets and 1,200- person receptions. (312) 280-8800.

* Caribe Hilton Hotel & Casino, San Juan, Puerto Rico--The hotel can hire a kosher caterer for 250-person banquets, 350-person receptions. Call Marlene Hoffman at (787) 721-0303.