Eclipse Event Golf Planners

Richmond, Va., New York, and London

Eclipse is organizer of this month's Masters Tournament in Augusta, Ga., and Michael Moyer, president, often hires chefs from New York or London restaurants to oversee meals at golf events. “I purchase food directly from a distributor. The chef takes a brief vacation from his usual job, makes good money, and enhances his resume, and we get top-notch food.”

Corporate Golf

Durham, N.C.

Nina Renaud, co-founder, made some snack recommendations at the PGA Show in January — pretzels and cheese crackers shaped like golf tees. “They're really tasty, and they come in small individual packets that can be included in goody bags for snacking on the course, or they can be had in bulk for pre- and post-outing F&B functions.”

Great Golf Events

Mission, Kan.

Roger Caldwell, president, suggests a submarine sandwich in the shape of a golf club; hard boiled eggs cupped into the shape of golf balls; small plastic golf clubs as picks for finger foods; and the ever-popular chocolate golf balls. For a more elegant golf dinner, he says, why not label the wine bottles with the name of the course or the event?

Accurate Image Marketing Inc.

Alexandria, Va.

Walter Galanty, president, once set up a beverage station to look like a hunter's duck blind, then provided venison, duck, and other game from a portable cooking station. Another time, the beverage cart was decorated like a Red Cross vehicle, with attendants dressed as nurses. Galanty has also done a reception with a midway theme.

The Greenbrier

White Sulphur Springs, W.Va.

Robert Harris, director of golf, has hosted a “dine-around the greens,” with a grill or appetizer station at par-3 holes, “where play normally backs up…. The advantage is, players can graze while they play, rather than stuffing themselves with a two-pound ham and Swiss!”

RJH Associates

Windsor Locks, Conn.

Bob Hatheway, president, shortens the two-hour wait between the end of play and the awards dinner: He serves a buffet, which can be available as soon as the game is over. “We then do the awards ceremony and any raffle or other activities about 45 minutes after the buffet starts,” he says. “It allows everyone to leave at least an hour and a half sooner than the traditional format.”

American Hole ‘n One


Mick Luckhurst, president and CEO, is seeing more restaurant chains providing food. “A chain like Outback Steakhouse or Hooters can provide a turnkey food experience,” he says, with a tent on the course for snacks and the same vendor providing the awards banquet.

Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort & Spa

San Antonio, Texas

Charlie Kent, director of golf, has seen great success with a frozen margarita machine at the tee box. He notes that it's important to keep food simple on the course so as not to disrupt play.

Favorites from Country Clubs around the World

The Andover Country Club, Andover, Mass., like many New England venues, suggests a clam bake. Los Lagos, San Jose, Calif., recommends breakfast burritos and pancakes and omelettes. For lunch: “Our own recipe teriyaki rice bowls.” Longhirst Hall Golf Course, Northumberland, UK, offers “soup and a roll with the pudding of the day” (in Britain, “pudding” is as likely to be a bread-and-meat dish as a dessert). Hinksey Heights Golf Club in South Hinksey, Oxford, serves “baps” (sandwiches on a roll) with fillings that include prawns and baked beans, and, for a larger entrée, “giant Yorkshire pudding stuffed with liver casserole and bacon.”