With Michael D. Gehrisch

  1. What do you like to munch on? What do you pass up?

    Potato chips. My least favorite: brie.

  2. It's a long flight. What do you take to read?

    James Patterson detective murder mysteries and a stack of newspapers.

  3. What's spinning in your CD player?

    I'm a music buff. Norah Jones, an 18 year-old with a voice like Billie Holiday, and John Mayer, a bit like Dave Matthews and somewhat self-relective in his music.

  4. What lunchbox did you carry to school?

    A beat-up, metal lunch box — no Thermos — with The Beverly Hillbillies on it. I still have it in my storage closet.

  5. If you could ask anybody anything, what question would you have and who would you ask?

    I would ask Yogi Berra this same question. He always has a question about a question.

A veteran of the hospitality and association industries, Michael D. Gehrisch is president and CEO of the International Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus. Before joining IACVB, he served as executive vice president of sales at WorldRes. Previously, he spent 12 years with the American Hotel & Lodging Association in Washington, D.C., as executive vice president and COO. He is also chair of the Hotel Association Group Trust and is on the board and executive committee of the Convention Industry Council.