1. If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be? Right where I am, close to family and friends in New England. I love the history of New England, the changes in climate, and the proximity to oceans, mountains, and lakes.

  2. WHAT'S SPINNING ON YOUR CD PLAYER? I love pretty much all types of music, but can't carry a tune to save my life. Currently spinning is Michael McDonald's “Motown.”

  3. IF YOU COULD BE A SUPERHERO, WHAT SUPERPOWER WOULD YOU WANT? Perhaps “Psychic Man” so that I could help prevent some of the awful things that have happened in our world.

  4. IT'S TIME FOR A SECOND CAREER; WHAT DO YOU CHOOSE? If financial stability were no issue, I'd work for an organization that assisted in causes related to children.

  5. WHO INSPIRES YOU? My parents. My father, Jack Burke, is active in the community, always doing things for others. He has been involved in local politics and ran for a senate seat in Connecticut. My mother, who is recently deceased, was totally committed to her family, friends, and community. Both were recipients of the Rotary Club's Paul Harris award for community service.

Michael Burke, CMP, is manager, conference and travel services, for The Hanover Insurance Group, Worcester, Mass. Burke is the newly elected president of Financial & Insurance Conference Planners.