In these difficult times, it's great to hear about people who are giving back. One group, TEAM Net, is an association of meeting and event producers from the United States and Canada that joined forces in 1995.

Member Jeff Kalpak, who is co-owner of New York-based Barkley Kalpak Associates, started Broadway Special Delivery, a program that brings a final rehearsal of a professional Broadway show to deserving audiences who could not otherwise attend.

Doug Matthews, of Vancouver-based Pacific Show Productions, is chairman of the Sunshine Coach Program, which supplies vans for organizations that transport special needs children. The group has provided almost 450 vans for groups throughout British Columbia.

Dianne McGarey, TEAM Net co-founder with Axtell Productions in Atlanta, is heavily involved with Women of Vision, a group that raises money for poverty stricken women and children around the world.

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