FYI *Another Meeting Auction Site-- Site selection expeditor,, Pembroke Park, Fla., offers two blind auction options: Meeting organizers can post their specs online, or hotels can put their room nights up for bid. Registered users on both sides of the fence can post a general RFP to, which is then matched with specs posted by other registered users. Anyone with an RFP in's database is alerted to a match by e-mail and can enter a bid on the space or event. auctions have two-, four, and six-day expirations vs. those at its competitors that last just minutes or hours. The company charges a 10 percent commission on offers that result in a hotel booking. Hotels can also post canceled room nights, but are charged a 50 percent commission

--Anna Chinappi

Luxury Hotels for Less The Bellevue, Wash.-based focuses only on hot dates at luxury properties that purchase a listing in its database. It works like this: You plan a meeting in the Southeast in July for fewer than 50. Check off the regions in which you're interested, plug in the month and the number of people, and you get a list of properties with perishable dates, including the savings off regular rates. Even these rates may be negotiable, says 4Group CEO and director Brian LaPlante.The information is basic, including a photo and text. The RFP goes directly to hotels, which pay an introductory rate of $995 a year to be listed, but no commission is charged if a meeting is booked. Only a handful of hotels are currently in the database, but the goal is 200 by the end of this year and 2,000 by the end of 2001. --Betsy Bair

*New Event Planning, founded by Washington, D.C.-based Reggie Aggarwal in partnership with MicroStrategy, is an event planning, e-marketing, and data analysis Web tool that promises to help build attendee loyalty and brand your organization at the same time. The service sends e-mail invitations, e-mail confirmations, a reminder if you don't respond, and a "thanks for coming" e-mail a few days later. It generates accurate name tags and attendee lists, collects information about each attendee to enhance that guest's experience, can conduct pre and post-event surveys, and can help tailor the event to meet your guests' profiles.-Betsy Bair