Shooting cannonballs and deciphering clues is … educational. At least at Palace Resorts' new online games, which take an unconventional approach to showing off the meeting and incentive offerings at its nine all-inclusive resorts in Mexico.

At, which was launched this summer, planners can play games such as “Pirates of the Last Resort,” where they try to rescue their clients from the Black Berry ship and maneuver across a sea infested with giant octopus and enemy ships to the safety of the resort. The site also includes “Tulum Raider: City of the Dawn,” “Golf Cart Rally,” and “The Puzzler.” In “Tulum Raider: City of the Dawn,” players look for treasure on a deserted island, but first they must decode hieroglyphics for clues.

“Meeting planners are a crucial market for us,” said Ginny Davito, vice president, group incentive sales for Palace Resorts. “These games are a unique way to continue the education process in a fun, yet informative way.”