1. Brazilians usually have two surnames. In writing, the mother's surname comes before the father's surname. Address people using the father's surname.

  2. Maintain steady eye contact in conversations; it is considered impolite to look away.

  3. It's normal for talk to be very animated, in close quarters, with frequent interruptions and a lot of physical contact.

  4. Begin a meeting with good-natured “small talk,” emphasizing that you value people and relationships over business.

  5. Subjective feelings almost always prevail in problem-solving and decision-making, so building a relationship is very important.

  6. Emphasizing increased power and status, rather than money, can be an effective negotiating strategy.

  7. The business culture is very hierarchical; only the person with most authority makes final decisions.

  8. Documents aren't signed immediately after an agreement is reached; a handshake and a person's word are considered sufficient.