If you think puzzles and bicycles are for kids, think again. The activities are central to a popular new teambuilding program called Dream Builders, developed by TeamWorx Team Building, Big Bear City, Calif.

Here's how it works: Teams are given 26 mind-bending puzzles and word games to solve, such as building a pyramid out of golf balls and balancing nails on top of each other. Once a puzzle is solved, it is cashed in at the “genius bar” for play money, which is then used to buy one of eight bicycle parts. Once a team has solved enough puzzles to buy all eight parts and tools, the team must assemble the bike. The first team to build a bike wins $5,000 in play money, and when the two-hour game is over, the team with the most money wins. Then, the fruits of the frenetic fun go to a good cause as all the bicycles are donated to a local children's organization.

“Puzzle solving challenges people to think out of the box, to brainstorm, to collaborate,” says Wayne Bennett, TeamWorx president.