1. Create a unique selling proposition

    Determine what one thing will differentiate your tournament from others, and feature that differential in your marketing and promotions.

  2. Create a sponsorship prospectus

    This will lend a more professional image and help you command higher sponsorship dollars.

  3. Choose committee members with clout

    If you are using a planning committee, choose people who are willing to contribute, have strong contacts, and can carry out tasks in the required time frame.

  4. Create a “tournament action plan.”

    Outline all the planning steps and assign deadlines. If you're not operating in reactive mode, you can use your time more strategically and efficiently and focus on generating more profits.

  5. Build a strong golf tournament Web site

    Implementing a low-cost Web site is doable for a tournament of any size and is a must in these days of technologically savvy participants and sponsors.

  6. Focus on getting a high-profile title sponsor to partner with you

    Define what ROI you can provide for your sponsors. The days of putting up a tee sign for big bucks are long gone.

  7. Promote peripheral events on tournament day

    This will boost participation, media coverage, and profits. For more on peripheral events, visit our Web site, www.meetingsnet.com (keywords: “peripheral events”).

  8. Videotape and survey players, sponsors, and volunteers on tournament day

    You can use this to generate marketing materials for Web site promotions and to build marketing tools for your next event.

  9. Build goodwill after the event

    Always go out of your way to thank your players, sponsors, and volunteers personally for making the tournament a success. After the tournament, send each of them a handwritten note of thanks and an offer: “Let's do it again.”

For more resources for planning corporate golf tournaments, including a complimentary golf tournament planning guide, check out the Golf Tournament Association of America Web site: www.gtaaweb.org

Mike Mucci is the publisher of Golf Tournament Marketing … All Access, an online membership site dedicated to maximizing all aspects of golf tournament planning. www.golftp1.com/planner.php