Four Ways to Add Some Fun to Your Golf Program The biggest challenge corporations face with their golf outings is keeping them fresh and interesting. Here are a few ideas that we have used successfully at the Boca Raton Resort & Club:

1. Turn back the clock-Players can experience golf as it was at the turn of the century by hitting shots with hickory-shafted clubs, putting with wooden-headed putters, or hitting off sand tees. (Originally, golfers drove their balls from a mound of sand instead of the standard wooden or plastic tee that today's golfers use. This same effect can be achieved with Dixie cups and divot sand placed on each cart.) Work with a destination management company or local sports memorabilia collectors to find props, from vintage clubs to period costumes, for this step back in time.

2. Host a reception around the putting green-Use halogen lights to illuminate the entire area and string to outline the holes on a six- to nine-hole miniature putting course. Obstacles can include native foliage and rocks. Or pile some sand into miniature bunkers and fill other holes with water to create water hazards. With foursomes playing each hole, you can easily accommodate 150 participants during a two-hour reception. Or, duplicate a putting green indoors by using masking tape to outline the holes, powdered carpet cleaner for bunkers, and indoor putting cups.

3. Hold an unusual contest-One idea is a Straightest Drive contest, a twist on the traditional Longest Drive contest. The Longest Drive contest usually produces a winner from within a small group of long hitters, which leaves the other participants no real chance to compete. The Straightest Drive contest, on the other hand, gives every participant the real possibility of winning. A line is painted down the middle of the fairway on whichever hole is selected for the contest. The player's ball that comes to rest on (or closest to) the line, regardless of distance from the teeing area, wins.

4. Wake up your group with night golf-Specially designed glow-in-the-dark golf balls are used for play. Line the fairways of the three or four holes closest to the clubhouse with candle-lit paper bags anchored with sand, and wrap an illuminated rope around the flagstick of each hole. Each player is given his or her own flashlight to help light the way around the course. You can also give players lightstick necklaces and other fun glowing props to help keep them visible. The ideal time for an outing like this is on the evening of a new moon, when the night is at its darkest. Note: Golf carts should not be permitted on the course at night.