Nantucket Nectars At Nantucket Nectars, there has always been an open dog policy. Not door--dog. Employees can bring their canines to work and let them roam around in the office or in the closed-in backyard.

This Cambridge, Mass.based New Age beverage company, which was started in 1990 by two young entrepreneurs peddling their fruit juices off a small boat in Nantucket Harbor, Mass., today grosses $50 million in annual sales. "We don't have a very structured hierarchy here," says Human Resources Director Kelly Merrill. "We're 'juice guys,' not employees, and supervisors and directors are 'team captains.' The entrepreneurial culture allows employees to use their judgment and voice their opinions."

The company fosters its culture through meetings and events that encourage creativity: A different employee runs the weekly staff meeting each Tuesday; the office closes down yearly for the Boston Marathon, where employees have fun inline skating while waving Nantucket Nectars flags; and each year, the founders take all employees and their families to Nantucket for a week of fun learning about the island where the company got its start.

"We want happy people working for us and we want it to be fun to come to work," says Merrill. So flexible schedules are key, dress codes are a no-no, and everyone has the week between Christmas and New Year's off.

Employees also help determine their own goals for quarterly bonuses. "Employees work with team captains to come up with a list of individual goals for each quarter. If you meet their goals, you get 100 percent of your bonus," says Merrill. "We have had success with this system--it works very well as a motivator."