Take this six-question quiz to test how well you use and read body language. Some of the answers may surprise you!

  1. Do people get along better when talking to each other if they face each other or stand side by side? Who tends to stand side by side, women or men? Answer: People get along better when they sidle, stand, or sit side by side. Men are more likely to sidle than women.

  2. If you want to know whether someone is lying to you, what should you notice about that person's face? Answer: When lying, most people put on an innocent expression, yet few — except pathological liars — can hold the expression over a natural amount of time. To find out if someone is lying, ignore the expression and consider, instead, whether the timing and duration of the expression seem natural.

  3. If you want to keep someone's attention, is it better to wear a patterned or plain shirt or blouse? Answer: Wear a plain shirt. A patterned top, ornate jewelry, or loud tie will distract the listener.

  4. Who tends to maintain wider peripheral vision when entering a new place, men or women? Answer: Women. That's why store owners who serve men will increase their sales if they have prominent, eye-level signage that men will see soon after entering the store.

  5. Who tends to be more specific in their descriptions, adults or children? Answer: Children are more specific, hitting their prime around fourth grade and then beginning to speak in generalities, more like adults. Yet specifics are more memorable and more credible.

  6. Of the previous five questions, which is the one people are most likely to ask for the answer to first? Answer: Question number 2. It seems that we have an inordinate interest in lying.

Kare Anderson is a gut instincts expert, speaker, columnist, Emmy-winning former TV commentator, and former Wall Street Journal reporter. Reach herby e-mail at kareand@aol.com or visit www.sayitbetter.com.