Say “Later!” to those dated posters and office accessories in in-flight catalogs. Inspirational gifts have been reinvented, thanks to a company called Reiterations ( Its line of uplifting quotes and 60 museum-quality photographic images made a splash at the Motivation Show in September. They're available for greeting cards, posters, wall décor, and gifts “with an edge and an attitude that resonate with today's work force,” says company president Jodi Susi.

Themes include achievement, commitment, determination, leadership, excellence, and teamwork, with quotes from modern thinkers such as Ayn Rand and ancients such as Buddha.

Framed desk photos start at $24.99, and wall photos at $79.99. And here's a new concept: black-and-white photography with a gallery-like feeling. After all, why shouldn't your top salespeople actually like their presents?