To the Editor,

Many thanks for the piece on retirees and their new thrusts (July Corporate Meetings & Incentives). All during my working life, I learned something new each day. When I retired, I needed that mental stimulation to continue. I get it now from the kids I work with and the homeless folks I try to help. In doing water quality testing, I get to talk to boaters about how their activities can help keep “our bay” clean.

That's what keeps us from getting too old to enjoy life. I think it's vitally important for those retired or about to that they retire “to something” instead of “from something.”

Thanks again for the great article.
Linc Colby
Brunswick, Maine


Your “Life After Meetings” (July Corporate Meetings & Incentives) article sure brought back the memories. I am a 40-year veteran of the hotel industry, solely in the sales and marketing end. I recently retired from the industry myself and am involved in several activities, including placing meetings, consulting, writing for the industry, and doing volunteer work for a couple of organizations, not to mention committee work and board positions for the Michigan State Alumni Association, Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International, the Greater Miami Chapter of the Alzheimers Association, etc. (Can't remember them all!)

Once again, I was really impressed with your cover story and wish your article subjects, many of whom I know, continued success and good health.
Ken Benjamin, CHME, President, The Benjamin Group Inc.
Aventura, Fla.