Golf school programs that go deeper than honing participants' golf skills.

Why not break from the traditional golf outing and choose clinics that focus on skills that participants can use in their everyday lives? Here are some fresh options that are defining the next generation of golf school:

  • The Inner Game of Golf — An Arizona researcher has studied the brain-wave activity of golfers when they putt. Have attendees' putting analyzed (and adding a little betting) to learn how stress affects the way they think and perform, both on the putting green and in the office.

  • Business Golf — Increasingly popular are clinics that teach a sales team the basics of golfing with clients, down to the “who does what, when, where, and why” of golf etiquette. Also included are some easy self-diagnostic tips and the do's and don'ts of on-course small talk.

  • A Winning On-Course Strategy — Golf, like life, works best when you “plan your work and work your plan.” Participants learn to develop a strategy for business golf using performance dynamics and visualization.

  • Your Own Best Coach — A golf instruction session and course time delivers lessons that apply to every aspect of our lives.

Mona Gambetta, vice president of marketing for the Scottsdale Golf Group, Scottdale, Ariz., represents the John Jacobs' Golf Schools and the company's newest product, “EagleVision … Performance Solutions for Golf and Business,” to companies across the country. Reach her at (480) 991-8587 or