Scavenger hunts, long a teambuilding staple, can be freshened up by incorporating a theme. Andrew Long, at Scavenger Hunt America (www.scavengerhunt, offers his ideas to theme your game.

Call of the Wild: Teams are assigned an animal native to the destination and must create a song, chant, or howl to represent it. In winter, have teams build a snow sculpture of their animal.

The 200X Olympics: Set up stations with some kind of “Olympic” challenge for the team. Real athletes or actors can be stationed along the way. End with a medal ceremony.

All Business: Don't lose an opportunity to tie in the corporate message. Teams can take photographs that demonstrate products or collect objects that relate to corporate values.

‘Tis the Season: Theme your event to a holiday or time of year. The objects collected should fit the season — candy canes, American flags, etc. If trivia is part of the game, fit the questions to the season as well.