A Supersonic Incentive Take attendees to new heights on Air France's Concorde flights--destination not included. Air France recently introduced group Concorde flights with no destination, and hopes to sell these "flights to nowhere" as the ultimate reward for corporate employees. The itinerary: As many as 100 attendees board the Concorde at JFK Airport in New York, depart on a supersonic jaunt over the Atlantic, and then turn around and head back. The entire trip takes an hour and 40 minutes and runs an all-inclusive price of $80,000.

Attendees enjoy lunch--which includes the finest of French champagnes and wines--aboard the aircraft, and at the flight's end receive a Concorde "Twice the Speed of Sound" certificate. Companies can also request customized headrest covers, decorations, menus, and announcements for their attendees.

The Concorde lounge at Kennedy Airport is also available as a meeting facility before take-off and after landing.

For more information, call Air France Concorde Charters at (800) 366-1613.