I have a confession to make: Although I'm the editor of a magazine for planning golf outings and events for corporate groups, I don't golf. I've never even tried … well, other than batting around a few balls on the driving range (and some mini golf when I was about 10)!

My point? You don't have to play to plan a successful magazine — or a winning event.

What you do need to do is to surround yourself with experts who can help you get the job done — your friends. Each year, I bring together our Golden Links Advisory Board to update me on trends in group golf and to suggest subjects we should cover in this annual issue. At the most recent meeting, held in Orlando just before the PGA Show in January, we welcomed several new corporate readers as members — from Newell Rubbermaid, Anixter, and Aon Corp., as well as the corporate directors of golf from Ritz-Carlton and Hyatt. It also didn't hurt to have the directors of golf from some of the most prestigious resorts in the country in the room. The ideas just flew. For a complete list of our 2001 advisory board members, see pages 84 and 85. And remember, our experts are your experts, so feel free to e-mail them with your questions.

You don't have to look beyond this issue to find expert advice: whether it's help choosing a course to match your group's experience level, basic info and timelines for planning an outing or event, or an etiquette lesson. Back by popular demand is our Golf Resort Directory, beginning on page 86, which profiles resort courses around the country that specialize in golf events. And don't miss our front-of-book section, “CMI Info,” in which we've explored some of the issues you might be facing right now: the “revolving-door phenomenon” when it comes to women and golf (they're the fastest-growing segment of new players and the biggest group leaving the game); where Generation Y fits in (or doesn't) on the course; and why so many companies nix their golf events the minute the economy slows.

Enjoy the issue.