"Our program is for our dealers, independent businesspeople who hold a John Deere contract. We also include the salespeople who work with the dealers.

"Where we go depends to a certain degree on the feedback we've received from them. We send out a survey after each trip. With a population of about 2,700 possible participants, we get a wide variety of suggestions.

"Most of our programs have been overseas. We've had some in Mexico, too, plus Caribbean and other cruises, and we go back to some of the same places. Our last trips were to Puerto Vallarta, Monte Carlo, and Rome. Next we're going to London.

"When we began the program 14 years ago, we held nothing but group functions, but now we're giving participants more free time because they've said they like to do things on their own. In a five-night program, we'd have two structured evenings and three free.

"We've been hearing from people who want mini-trips, but others still want longer trips. Some of the participants would like to bring their children, but others feel it's an opportunity to have time on their own. We're not planning to open that up because we see the program as allowing us to strengthen our business relationships, and that's more difficult to do with kids."