Ten rules to remember when doing business on the golf course It's often been said that you can tell more about an associate in 18 holes of golf than you can in years of doing business together. Here are a few of the do's and don'ts for making your best impression.

1. Show up on time--Whether you're the host or the guest, get there early. There's nothing worse than appearing at a club for the first time and not knowing where to find the locker rooms, driving range, or bag drop.

2. Leave the cell phone in the car--If you must bring it, don't use it, unless it's an emergency. If you're a guest, make sure that the course doesn't have a rule barring cell phones altogether, since more and more are doing so.

3. Don't bet unless the host suggests it--If you must gamble, keep the wager friendly (a $2 Nassau, for example). Consider the ramifications of betting: the atmosphere it creates, the potential reactions of your opponents if they win or lose.

4. Play fast--Golf is designed to be played immediately behind the group ahead of you, not immediately ahead of the group behind you. If you must "pick up" to keep up, do so graciously. Don't practice while you are waiting for the others in your group to finish the hole. Tend the pin or stay off to the side of the green and become the cheerleader for the group. Then be ready to hit when it's your turn.

5. Keep accurate scores--If you are unfamiliar with the rules regarding, for example, out of bounds and water hazards, it's always better to ask for help than it is to assume.

6. Win or lose graciously--Don't repeatedly make excuses for your game if you are playing poorly. Compliment your playing partners, but don't be overly solicitous.

7. Watch what others in your group are doing--Don't talk or even move while they are hitting, and don't stand in their lines.

8. Don't spend a lot of time looking for lost balls--Even though the rules give you five minutes, take only one. Hit your provisional instead.

9. Take good care of the course--Rake bunkers and leave the course looking better than you found it.

10. Volunteer to foot the bill--If the host won't let you, ask if you can at least take care of the caddies, and find out ahead of time what a "good tip" should be.