Communicating Corporate Culture: Make it Memorable To make sure your worldwide employees understand and work within the corporate culture, develop a message that's memorable. Take global conference center company Dolce International, which created its own little acronym to represent some big ideas: TASTES.

TASTES stands for truthful communication, accountability, support, trust, empowerment, and speed, says Jo Ann Swahn, senior vice president of marketing at Dolce in Montvale, NJ. Swahn says the standardized message serves several purposes, both inside and outside the company:

* It helps in recruiting and retaining staff. "People identify with a culture in which you articulate your corporate values," she says. "Potential employees will know if they want to work for you, while we can identify those we want to hire."

* It helps guide behavior in the workplace. "You develop a way of treating each other that diminishes office politics and other negatives that make the work environment unpleasant."

* It makes training programs more effective by creating a common language throughout the company. The "TASTES culture" is reinforced in training programs at each of Dolce's 11 centers internationally, according to Swahn.

* It insures that Dolce International's standards transcend state and country borders to be applied uniformly at all of its conference centers.

City Harvest Centerpiece: Decorate a Table, Feed the Hungry What if you could use your centerpieces to feed the hungry, get your attendees networking, and garner positive feelings plus tax deductions for your company? That's the goal of a new program from City Harvest, which offers edible centerpieces designed using fresh produce by Christina Cerciello for Manhattan Passport, a New York City corporate events planning agency. The centerpieces cost between $100 and $200 and come with a table note explaining the purpose of the creation--a great icebreaker for your attendees.

For more information, call John Krakowski at (212) 463-0456. Or, for meetings outside New York, call Foodchain, the national network of food rescue programs, at (800) 845-3008 to find the food rescue organization in your meeting city.