The Green Cities Index, compiled by the Business Courier of Cincinnati, a sister publication of Honolulu’s Pacific Business News, analyzed data from a variety of research and government agencies and ranked Honolulu the third most “green” city among 43 U.S. metropolitan areas.

The researchers took into account several variables such as commuting habits, travel time, fuel use, LEED-certified projects, the number of green jobs, and air and water quality.

“This survey goes along with the same principles and the practices of the Hawai‘i Convention Center,” said Joe Davis, SMG general manager of the Hawai‘i Convention Center. “Because we are located in an island state, sustainability and energy conservation is very important to us so we are pleased with the findings.”

Davis pointed out that the Hawai‘i Convention Center operates by the LEED rating system and integrates energy-saving systems throughout the building, including a ventilating and air-conditioning system specifically designed for Hawai‘i’s tropical climate. The system has heat exchangers to transmit waste heat from the chiller condenser for humidity control. The Center also uses environmentally friendly fluorescent lamps.