BusyEvent, a conference networking tool, won the Technology Shootout at the Corporate Event Marketing Association Summit, held at the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego in July.

The competition is low-key but fast-paced, with each company given five to 10 minutes to demonstrate its technology product, which must be of use to face-to-face marketers. The CEMA Summit’s 175 attendees used the Ntag audience response system to vote for a winner.

St. Louis-based BusyEvent earned the group’s kudos for its easy-to-use service called EventBookmarking. At an event using the service, each attendee is given a BeLinker gadget, similar to an audience-response keypad, and a PURL, or Personal URL Web page. Attendees use the BeLinker to enter the number of an attendee or a product that they’re interested in, or a session that they’re attending. Information on that attendee, product, or session is then saved to the attendee’s PURL for followup later. Event sponsors have real-time access to information on session attendance and other key event data. The system costs roughly $15 per attendee.

To judge for yourself what the CEMA attendees saw, watch a six-minute video of BusyEvent principal David Schenberg’s CEMA presentation.

Other participants at this year’s Technology Shootout were Active Events, a provider of event registration and management technologies; Global Event Services Inc., a computer and networking logistics provider for the IT event industry; and Opus Solutions, an event and trade-show management company with a suite of software tools.