Business golf requires proper etiquette on the course if you want to accomplish your goals, says Richard Brasser, owner of Targeted Golf in Charlotte, N.C. ( Here are his top “Don'ts” for executives on the links:

  • Don't put business before fun and camaraderie. Let your playing partner address business first.

  • Don't just show up — plan ahead. Make sure the pro shop has the right sleeve of balls for the handicap of the players, for example, and make sure that the names are marked clearly on the carts.

  • Don't play for money, unless you and your partners discover that you are capable of structuring a “game” for dollars after three or four holes.

  • Don't coach others — you're not a pro. Be a cheerleader, instead.

  • Don't be a bad sport. If you're missing shots, grin and bear it. Anger and frustration don't translate well to business partnerships.

  • Don't go out without warming up — that shows that you don't prepare well.

  • Don't cheat! This is the most important “don't” of business golf. If you cheat on scores or kick the ball out of the woods, you're kicking the business out the door.

  • Don't be demanding. Forget taking a mulligan on the first tee unless your guest does first. In fact, let your guest hit first so you have an example.

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