We hope you've noticed that things look a little different around here. With this issue, we launch the newly designed Insurance Conference Planner, the product of many long hours put in by ICP Art Director Kimberly Aaronson (pictured). A few special notes:

* Our new back-page column, "Departures," was designed to let the reader's voice be heard. Our inaugural Departures columnist (see page 112) is longtime insurance conference planner and industry-watcher Jerry Schmidt, CMP, who has a few words to say about partnerships. To other would-be editorialists: Send us your ideas!

* We've renamed two of our regular departments--"Meet & Greet," which keeps tabs on those quick-moving salespeople, and "SiteSeeing," which updates you on hotel openings and renovations--and moved them up to the front of the magazine as part of a section called The Network.

* We've trimmed "Winning Promotion" to one page, now called "Kickoff." We'll focus on the few items that kick off a meeting promotion rather than an entire promotional campaign.

There's a lot more in our fresher, cleaner pages. As always, we welcome your feedback.