In June McGettigan Partners will launch a new kind of incentive program in response to an emerging corporate philosophy and the changing attitudes of people toward their work, says Lori Martin, senior vice president/western region for the Philadelphia-based meetings and incentive management company.

"Companies these days want to increase productivity and profitability by creating conditions that allow the mind, body, and spirit to thrive," Martin says. "People also are looking for an expression of themselves at work." With that in mind, McGettigan two years ago embarked on a project to develop what Martin calls "intrinsic incentives, programs that motivate people from the inside out.

"What we are doing is designing enrichment programs in the area of human potential," she explains. "The subject of each program is the person in the program, and the programs are aimed at developing people's ability to work together more efficiently and at fostering the freedom to contribute." One example: the Lifedesigns Basics workshop of Gail Blanke, a former Avon executive and now head of her own training firm. The two-day workshop, which can be customized, Martin notes, is designed for women who want to create more meaning in their personal and professional lives. Participants leave the workshop with a practical, step-by-step action plan for growth and achievement.

Programs such as the Lifedesigns workshop can be offered as part of an incentive trip; as an exclusive to a particular company, held at the company's offices or off-site; or as a buy-in program where the company sends selected employees to a program site.

McGettigan is developing the intrinsic incentives program in conjunction with Generative Leadership Group of Somerset, N.J. and is planning to introduce it at the Society of Incentive & Travel Executives (SITE) University June 20 in Palm Springs.

There will always be a place for pure travel incentives, according to Martin. However, she adds, "today's workforce craves experiences that will help them grow, both personally and professionally. They are motivated by new ways of thinking and seeing."--RA