When did you join FICP and what do you enjoy about your membership?

I joined FICP in 2006 in hopes of finding an organization that was focused more on the financial industry and to network with like-minded planners. I was also hoping to network more specifically with the partners with whom we do business. FICP made this easy. I have been an active member of other industry organizations for years but found it difficult to find the people specific to my industry. FICP is full of experienced planners in the financial/insurance industry whose responsibilities match my own and that of my team. A lot of the education is geared to a higher level planner which is great since many of us have been around a while and have no need for another “intro to food and beverage.”


What do you see as your biggest meeting planning challenge in the coming year and how will you meet that challenge?

Our biggest meeting planning challenge is probably the same as most—doing more with less. While our workload has increased in terms of complexity of meetings, adding on technology (for example, a meeting app), and being more involved with content, our head count has not increased. We have still managed to continue creating wonderful client experiences, but it is challenging. I feel fortunate to have a terrific and dedicated team of planners who are always enthusiastically willing to take on more projects.

The other challenge we face is getting team members to be strategic. Our job as planners is a difficult one. It requires one to be detail-oriented, focused, creative, and flexible. It is challenging to step away from the details to look at the project with the big picture in mind.


What is it about meeting planning that makes it the right career for you?

What other industry affords you the opportunity to be creative, enthusiastic, a problem-solver, to see projects from beginning to end, be hospitable, be strategic, and travel the world?

I can think of no other career that is as challenging and fulfilling as this one. I have the chance to see fabulous locations, meet amazing people, create wonderful client experiences, and in my 18 years in my current job I have NEVER had a boring day.


If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be?

I would be on a beach in Mexico with my family reading mindless magazines and sipping a good cocktail with a little umbrella.


Why did you decide to volunteer your time as a board member and what do you enjoy about your involvement?

I am honored to be on the FICP board. For years I have watched these amazing leaders in our industry lead FICP…I am humbled to be among them now and do hope I can make a difference. After many years in this industry I think it’s my time to give back. While I am still new to the board I can already sense the camaraderie and partnerships with the Hospitality Partner Advisory Council and the other planners as well as the FICP staff. More personally I sense I am just in the beginning of some long-lasting friendships.


What do you never travel without?

A picture of my family, my Kindle, and my Maui Jims.