Calgary is putting in a bid to host the 2005 World's Fair, banking on its success in hosting the 1988 Winter Olympics. The year 2005 has special significance, since it marks Alberta's 100th birthday.

The Radisson Plaza Hotel in downtown Calgary has been bought by the Marriott Corporation. As of April 1, the hotel's new name will be the Calgary Marriott. The new owners are reportedly considering building a 300-room expansion to the hotel. Stay tuned.

The first major hotel development in the city's core since 1981 is scheduled to open in September 1998. The 15-story, 326-room Sheraton hotel will be built next to the Eau Claire Market, close to major office towers and the park area of Prince's Island. The hotel design is based on the all-suite concept, with a large recreation center that includes a pool and water slide.