This little item promises to become a promo mainstay. Pocket-sized PopOut maps, created by the Fairfield, Conn.-based Map Group, are available for 75 U.S. and international cities and can be custom-designed for your incentive program.

Single PopOut maps consist of two laminated panels that can feature your itinerary and corporate logo, along with highlighted areas of the city. When opened, a folded paper section pops out. This PopOut section can include anything from hotel layouts to shopping areas. Double PopOut maps include four laminated panels and two PopOut sections.

A double PopOut Boston map, for example, might have pictures of the city on the front cover, along with a logo; a subway map on the back; blow-up maps on the two inside panels; and a map of Massachusetts and one of downtown Boston on the PopOut sections. Prices depend on volume and the extent of customization. An order of 500 double maps costs $4.76 per map. Call (800) 617-6768.