Get to dinner on time. Every minute counts, so try these ways to keep your golfers and your golf event on track.

Pace of play is often a concern with corporate tournaments, especially at meetings, when golf tends to be scheduled in between morning business sessions and evening meal functions. Try these tips:

1. Select the proper tournament format for the level of players. (Consult with the golf pro at the course; a scramble is often the quickest choice.)

2. Limit the number of contest holes; each takes twice the average length of time to play given the prizes offered.

3. Have group arrive at least 30 minutes before their tee time and start on time.

4. Make a pre-tournament announcement outlining:

* course rules (holes under repair, out of bounds, winter rules, etc.)

* tournament format rules

* scoring procedures; identifying each team's scorer

* contest holes and rules

* food-and-beverage services on/off course

* that marshals will be on the course to advise on pace of play

* cart path rules

5. Promote "ready golf." Hand out a tip sheet with the following reminders:

* Have (or purchase) golf balls, tees, tee markers, and divot repair tools.

* Carry an extra ball in your pocket at all times.

* Hit your ball when ready (provided everyone is clear, including the group ahead).

* Carry your putter with your other club when within chipping distance of green.

* Be ready to putt when it's your turn.

* Take only one practice swing for each shot.

* Take NO practice putts after the hole.

* Keep track of score throughout the hole/game.

* Add and record scores away from the putting green, en route to the next hole.

* Check that all clubs used for chipping are picked up after putting.

* Visit the rest room before the first tee.

* Buy snacks or drinks only when it is clearly not your turn to hit.

* Carry an extra scorecard in your pocket to assist with yardage and hole layouts.

Pre-Tourney Checklist * Tell your contacts at the course how the group will be arriving (by motorcoach, limo, vans, or individually).

* Have complete and legible names on each golf bag.

* Provide the players' list to the golf course at least 72 hours before the event.

* Have all sponsor signs, welcome banners, tee markers, or prizes delivered at least 72 hours prior to the event, and let the course know what's coming.

* If you're using a master bill, provide a list of, and introduce to the host club, all people authorized to charge to the group's account.

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