• Interactive Video

    EIBTM, a European meeting industry exhibition, selected Throughlines, a product created by New York City-based Static & Motion, as the subject of its 2002 World Wide Watch presentation, a keynote by a company deemed to have a technology “that will have the most significance within the meetings, incentive, and business travel industry.” Launched in January, Throughlines is an interactive video platform that combines a wireless audience response keypad system with a video presentation. Video is scripted to set up hypothetical situations, and at appropriate points the video stops and viewers are asked to vote on their keypads to determine the direction that the video should take. The answers are automatically tallied, and the video continues down one of several possible scenarios depending on how the majority voted. Visit www.static-motion.com.

  • Power Tools

    Get ready to rethink Certain Software. In June the company released Meeting Planner Plus meeting management software, which is a lot like its Event Planner Plus product — on steroids.

    The new networkable MPP, competing with products such as Peopleware Pro, Isis Gold, and MeetingTrak, will allow up to 10 users to access the same information simultaneously. Its broad list of functionalities ranges from attendee registration and management, calendars, task and timeline management, and vendor quote comparisons to budgeting, room layout and seating assignments, printing badges and tent cards, and tracking vendors, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors.

    Certain, which acquired Register123, an online registration product, last November, is also engineering a product called PowerLink that will allow registration information to flow between Register123 and MPP, or between a proprietary online registration system and MPP. For an MPP demo, visit www.certain.com.

  • Meeting Portal Expands

    StarCite, the Philadelphia-based meeting management dot-com (www.starcite.com), has acquired RegWeb, a Web-based registration tool, from Cardinal Communications. The two companies have had a strategic alliance since late 2000, but the purchase allows StarCite to better integrate the registration system's design and features into the StarCite meeting platform. Cardinal's co-founder, Rod Marymor, will join StarCite as senior vice president. In other news, StarCite recently added online air booking to its menu of meeting management tools. The new system, powered by a custom version of Cliqbook, an online travel application from Outtask Inc., Alexandria, Va., allows group travelers to book air, using a booking engine that can be customized to adhere to group travel policy.

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