Monterrey (Nuevo Leon state) Situated in the breathtaking Sierra Madre Oriental mountains near the eastern coast of Mexico, Monterrey is known as the industrial capital of Mexico. Today, the city produces fine crystal as well as over 75 percent of the country's iron and steel.

Mexico's northern industrial giant, Monterrey has more than 7,500 hotel rooms, most of which are four- and five-star lodgings. More than 150 daily flights handle the steady flow of corporate visitors and meeting attendees.

Convention Centers: The 700,000-square-foot Cintermex Convention Complex is one of the largest and most active centers for trade shows and exhibitions in the country. Each year, Cintermex hosts more than 40 exhibitions and 600,000 visitors from all over the world as well as 550 events with over 150,000 participants.

Attractions: Monterrey has also built up a base of impressive tourist attractions. The newest is Bioparque (Biopark), housing dozens of African animal species.