Wyndham Hotels and Resorts recently held its third annual Women on Their Way awards contest. Co-sponsored by American Airlines AAdvantage and Liz Claiborne and Elisabeth stores, the contest asked women business travelers to submit tips for balancing their personal and work lives. The winners, and their advice:

* Holly Hoel Benson, manager, strategic planning and performance analysis, Amoco Business Services

1997 Travel: 100,000+ air miles; 70+ hotel nights

Tip: Coordinate your children's wardrobe for the days you will be traveling on business. Use gallon-size freezer bags to organize the clothes, socks, underwear, and accessories for each outfit.

* Stephanie Frogge, national director, victim services, M.A.D.D.

1997 Travel: 75,000 air miles; 58 hotel nights

Tip: Develop a 31-day tickler file for bills, greeting cards, dry cleaning receipts, and other "to do's." File cards and bills one week prior to the occasion or payment date. Before leaving town, take care of everything due before your return.

* Cathy Funderburk, regional sales director, Thrifty Car Rental

1997 Travel: 40,000 air miles; 60 hotel nights

Tip: Travel with a laptop and keep in touch with your family via online private chat rooms and e-mail. This eases the stress of catching up upon your return.

* Linda Galindo, president, Healthcare Dynamix, Inc.

1997 Travel: 150,000+ air miles; 160+ hotel nights

Tip: Videotape "messages from the road" for your kids that they can watch when you're away--one for each day of your trip.

* Dellie Woodring, executive director, The Kentfield Afterschool Center

1997 Travel: 50,000 air miles; 12 hotel nights

Tip: Learn to say "no," as in, "No, I can't meet you for breakfast at 7:30. Could we have lunch?" Make time for yourself.

Spurred on by a belief that women business travelers are the fastest-growing segment of the travel market, Wyndham recently launched a research partnership with New York University's Center for Hospitality, Tourism, and Travel Administration. Dr. Lalia Rach, dean of the N.Y.U. center, will oversee the research project, which aims to define the issues of greatest concern for the woman business traveler.

Visit Wyndham's new women-focused Web site at www.womenbusinesstravel ers.com.