Teambuilding, Cowboy Style Round up your attendees for some riding and roping that will leave them with an authentic taste of the Old West. The Wigwam Resort in Litchfield Park, Ariz., now offers the ultimate American Frontier experience--a longhorn cattle drive through the Sonoran Desert.

The adventure begins at a remote desert ranch where guides, all seasoned cowboys earning a living on horseback, go over the fundamentals of horseback riding and cattle driving.

The object of the two-and-a-half-hour cattle drive, which takes attendees through old gold mines and game trails, is to successfully herd 50 head of cattle. "You have to rustle the cattle together, even when they stray into the cacti, and make sure you make it back without losing any," says Stephen Roche, director of marketing for New York City-based Power & Motoryacht magazine, who recently took his annual sales meeting to The Wigwam Resort. "I am always looking for fun and different things to do with attendees, and this was a great experience. Attendees just loved it--one enjoyed it so much that he is going to participate in another cattle drive in Montana soon."

The cowboy experience is available for 10- to 50-person groups at $150 a head, including roundtrip transportation, snacks, cowboy hats, bandannas, and kits of sunscreen and lip balm. A steak fry at the corral costs extra.