Why are these Insurance Conference Planners Association Annual Meeting attendees laughing and pointing at the computer monitors? Because they're seeing pictures of themselves, of course!

The conference was a working laboratory for the folks from redbutton.tv, a Dallas-based digital communications company, to showcase the advantages of going digital with event photography and promotions. Here's the deal: A digital photography model allows planners to offer attendees lots of cool stuff both during and after the event — electronic postcards (selected online during the meeting and mailed within a few days); e-posters, e-billboards, digital photo ID's, custom photo albums, and pretty much any photo-imprinted promotional item you can think of. Redbutton will print and ship all items within 24 hours.

Redbutton also specializes in producing streaming video of meetings, a live webcast of your event on the Internet. This includes audience polling so planners can track who visits the site and how they use it.

Go to www.redbutton.tv.com or contact Sam Stanton at sam@redbutton.tv for more information on the firm's services.