Tips for Marketing Success

Experts agree that you can make appropriate decisions about marketing media only after you determine how your meetings fit into your company's overall organizational structure and how they further corporate goals. Beyond that, here are some tips for marketing success:

  • Know Your Attendees — Every time you go to a program, talk to people about what they did and didn't like. Use your registration process to capture information, including demographics and psychographics.

  • Use the Web — Use your corporate Web site to pump up excitement about your conference's content, speakers, and location. Include hot links to the conference Web site in all your e-mail promotions.

  • Broaden Your Promotional Reach — Explore all the promotional options, including direct-mail mailing lists; fax broadcasts; public relations; advertising; Internet; e-mail blasts; television/radio sponsorships; partnership marketing; exhibitions/trade shows; and automated, preprogrammed voice-mail messaging. Work with the local convention and visitors bureau to get the word out about your destination's attractions. Generate some buzz through your corporate publications by including articles outlining some of the conference highlights.

  • Spend Wisely — Pull some outsourced marketing functions back in-house. Consider cutting back from a four-color brochure to a nice postcard directing incentive qualifiers or meeting attendees to your Web site. Offer a discount for online registrants, similar to how airlines now offer a discount for those who buy tickets from their Web sites.

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