SO YOU WANT TO SPONSOR A PRO TOURNAMENT? First task: Figure out why you're doing it. "You just don't jump into these things," says Bill Colvin, president of MarComm Partners Golf in Beachwood, Ohio. "You need a reason." Among your possible objectives:

Name Awareness--People who play and watch golf on television are largely college graduates with high incomes. Companies marketing to this group can benefit by linking their names with tournaments.

Customer Relations--Pro tournaments devote one or two days to a Pro-Am event. Sponsors can invite customers to play with the pros--along with company executives and sales staff.

Employee Motivation--Use spots in the Pro-Am or tickets to the main event as awards in employee incentive programs.

The second decision is your sponsorship level:

Title Sponsor--Your name appears in the title of the event, on signs, and in ads. You get a hospitality booth, tickets, and Pro-Am spots. The cost varies, depending on the tour, how the tournament will be broadcast, and the size of the purses awarded. Cost: less than $1 million to several million.

Presenting Sponsor--Your name will be listed after the name of the tournament. You'll get pro-am spots and tickets, though not as many as a title sponsor. Cost: $200,000 to $800,000.

Hospitality Sponsor--You get a booth and the same privileges as the other sponsors, but on a much smaller scale. Cost: $25,000 to $35,000.

For more guidance on sponsorship, contact Colvin at (216) 696-9511.